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Are you like Ortanique Are you my long-lost twin?! Send me a fr right now, this was meant to be! › Take goTest
Are you like Actually? We do have some things in common, and you remind me of my irl best friend. We could definitely be friends :) › Take goTest
Are you human or alien You are most likely a human. You are probobly from Earth, born and raised! › Take goTest
Who were you in high school? You were the popular kid. Always in style and a lot of attention from everyone. You couldn't do anything wrong. › Take goTest
Are you starting to get old? You ARE getting old but you just don't want to admit it yet. That's okay <3 You're probably born in between 1995 and 2000 › Take goTest
Biology test 2.0 Oh no... You got most of them wrong... Dm me if you want all the right answers! › Take goTest
Do you love Christmas or not? You are definitely a real Christmas person! You love Christmas as much as I do. You prefer to sacrifice yourself to get and see others happy. But don't forget that you also are allowed to spoil yourself so every now and then. › Take goTest
What Is Your Spirit Animal Lone Wolf You find yourself alone the majority of the time, in another world a lone wolf is watching over you. › Take goTest
✴ November bucket list ✴ Great picks! Don't hesitate to share any other fun November ideas, let's inspire each other to appreciate the autumnal coziness every single day. Enjoy! xoxo › Take goTest
XMAS FILMS Well well well, looks like this model knows alot about xmas movies. Maybe your next gig should be for Santa Clause Enterprises? › Take goTest
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› Truth or lie? About me › Take goTest