31. May 2023 09:03

MAY 2023

Fifth month of the year is over, seven more to go.

Update on the year's goals:

2. Get into train driving school.
Honestly not sure I'm gonna apply anymore... it's really hard to get in, and I'm not sure it fits me.

3. Plan at least 1 fun activity to do every month.
We went to Furuvik for a whole day and also saw Smash Into Pieces performing there! Such a good day.

4. Workout 5 minutes every day.
It's hard but I'm pushing through. So far this month I have been working out 22 days and been taking 4 walks and one day I was walking the entire day. I have created my own workout schedule for my legs which I have been following. I got some workout bands from my mom which I have been using while doing legs. I have about 10 days or something before I'm done with my 30 day arm challenge. When I'm done I'm gonna create a workout schedule for my arms and start following it. I have been lifting some weights as well, about 2,3 kgs. I will increase my weights next month and also start a 30 day butt challenge.

5. Check off 2-3 things on my... secret list.
Been a bad month when it comes to this.

6. Get a job.
Got two interviews, but not a job yet.

7. Try to be less of a perfectionist and try to be more kind.
It has it's ups and downs.

8. Get at least 1 tattoo.
Still don't know when I wanna get it.

10. Find out if I have ADHD.
Been too busy to think about this one.

Other highlights of the month:
Other than Furuvik and Smash Into Pieces, there's no highlights.

What I wish for next month:
That I get a job, even if it's just a summer job.