goSupermodel Rules


The goal of these rules is to keep goSupermodel a safe and comfortable space where everyone feels respected. We wish for goSupermodel to be as healthy as possible. These rules should be read with that goal in mind, and you should strive to make goSupermodel a place where everyone around you feels comfortable.

We expect you to act in good faith in accordance with these rules and the objective behind them.


1. Treat other people how you think they want to be treated by you.

Just because you tolerate trolling and teasing, doesn’t mean the human sitting on the other side of the screen does. Treat them with kindness and respect. We allow no bad intentions.

2. We have a no-tolerance for bullying.

You are not allowed to bad-mouth someone, gang up on someone, or mock/bully others. This includes indirect mocking/bullying where context makes it clear that you're targeting a specific person.

3. Do not purposely provoke others.

This includes making provocative forum topics, and replying to people with the purpose of negatively provoking them.

4. Respect people's identity and wishes.

Don't purposely misgender people. Don't disrespect reasonable requests for how people wish to be treated (e.g. If someone is uncomfortable being referred to by a term, avoid using that term).

5. You are not allowed to discriminate or post hateful content.

Racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism…etc. is not tolerated.

6. Treat others with respect, even when you disagree with them.

Even if someone else is being provocative, disrespectful or breaking the rules, you need to be respectful. You may not name-call, or break any other rules, if you respond to them. If you yourself break the rules, you risk getting a warning or a time-out. Always report bad behavior and avoid engaging with it on a personal level.

7. You are not allowed to harass others.


1. Do not make posts calling out others.

You may under no circumstance create posts calling out other people. This applies to both forums, message boards, and everywhere else on goSupermodel.

By call-out posts, we mean both posts directly naming the user in question as well as posts that, whilst not naming a person, obviously refers to a specific person in a way that users are able to figure out who it is.

2. You are not allowed to dox others.

By doxxing, we mean to post information about a person that they themselves have not shared on goSupermodel.

Sharing screenshots of messages or content from any of our users, volunteers or staff members is strictly prohibited, especially when such sharing is intended to harm, spread negativity, or incite others to engage in harmful activities. This includes but is not limited to personal information, disrespectful remarks, or any form of harassment. Any violation of the rule will result in content removal and warning, timeout or deletion depending on the severity of the violation.

We want to emphasize that the culture of sharing screenshots is not something we encourage. It can lead to the spread of negativity and harm within our community. However if you do encounter disturbing content created by one of our users, volunteers or staff that raises your concerns please send it directly to gosupermodel@watagame.com. We shall then investigate it further and take needed actions. Do not share it on any public platform including goSupermodel, as this will inevitably feed toxicity and fear, which is not to the benefit of the community.


1. Spamming with magazines

Magazines that are considered spam will get deleted, which will result in all earnings being lost.

1.1 Trading magazines are no longer allowed.

You may no longer create magazines with the single purpose of trading them with other users to gain fame, eg. by creating empty magazines or many low-quality magazines in a short time-frame. Trading magazines that were created prior to this change may no longer be used for trading. If you continue to use your old trading magazines, they will be deleted and you may get a warning for it.

1.2 It’s not allowed to publish more than 3 magazines daily.

Scoop is meant to be a fun way to access and create entertaining content, and should not be overflowing with magazines.

1.3 We don’t allow empty magazines.

Sticker magazines are allowed as long as you don’t exceed the limit of 3 magazines daily and make it clear that the magazine is empty.

2. No begging or unsolicited advertisement in other people’s forums or inboxes.

You are allowed to send kind greetings and messages to user’s inboxes, but do so considerately and have in mind that it may annoy others.

3. Do not create forums that encourage others to spam for your own gain.

This means creating topics to eg. promote your magazine where you say that you'll gift the person who bumps the most. You are allowed to host competitions where users may interact in a rushed manner, such as “first on page xx wins”, quizzes or similar. Such competition posts are not qualified as spam, as they typically attract a lot of user engagement.

4. Do not excessively bump forums.

You must wait 10 minutes between your bump comments, even if someone else has commented in the forum.


1. You need to write in English at all times.

This applies to everything, including forum posts, private messages, statuses, clubs and magazines.

You may use single words which the majority of people recognize (such as “bonjour” or “gracias”). Well-known pronouns, quotations and aphorisms are also allowed, as long as their meanings are clear within the context of the topic/conversation. You should provide a translation if necessary.

You may also mention the native name of a piece of media (films, TV-shows, songs…etc.) as long as it is apparent from the context that you are speaking of a piece of media. An example would be “I really love the show La Casa de Papel”.

You are also allowed to mention the name of local dishes, as long as the context makes it clear what you’re speaking about.

2. No sexualized language or sexual harassment of others.

You are not allowed to use language that sexualizes other people.

3. No slurs.

4. Do not curse people out

You are allowed to curse, but you are not allowed to use curse words to negatively affect other people (Example: “Fuck you”).


1. You are not allowed to log-in to another person’s user, or to share your log-in information with someone else.

2. You are not allowed to scam other users.

3. You are not allowed to use script mods that impact goSupermodel’s functions in order to gain an unfair advantage.

4. You are not allowed to use secondary accounts (“alts”) to do the following things:

  • To break the rules
  • To avoid a time-out
  • To send yourself or another user 100 or more supergreetings (SGs) using scripts or software
  • To surpass the in-game goMoney limits
  • To bump the price of your auctions
  • To bump your own forums
  • To submit multiple entries in a contest/application for positions on goSupermodel


1. You must be at least 13 years of age to create an account.

2. You are not allowed to use goSupermodel as a dating platform.

This means that you may not use goSupermodel to find a romantic partner. Dating ads are prohibited.

3. You are not allowed to impersonate others.

This includes real-life people, other users, staff-members, moderators, and everyone else.

4. The report function must be used as intended.

Do not report users unless you believe they are breaking the rules.

5. We do not punish users for incidents that happen outside of goSupermodel.

We may however punish users for sharing links etc. on-platform to content that goes against the rules of goSupermodel.

6. Users are not allowed to conspire with others to break the rules of goSupermodel.

Users may discuss their warnings and time-outs, but not if it is done to:

  • Badmouth moderators/staff/users
  • Encourage others to commit the same transgression
  • Try to figure out which moderator gave the warning
  • Spread false information by creating a fake warning.

Warnings and time-outs which stem from sensitive or disturbing content should not be shared.

If you need an explanation to why you have received a warning, you should contact the mod-inbox, and if you disagree with a warning/time-out you have received, please reach out to support gosupermodel@watagame.com



If you have your own website, or want to make a goSupermodel fan site, you are allowed to show pictures of your model (avatar) and pictures that are found in the Free menu provided that you link directly to www.goSupermodel.com and that you include this disclaimer on every page with our content: © 2022 Momio Aps. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

The above only applies for your personal, non-commercial use of the content!


You are not allowed to advertise for your own or others’ commercial interests on goSupermodel This means that you may not link to your shop and/or offer your services in exchange for real-life currency. Links to fundraisers for yourself or others are prohibited as well.


You are not allowed to sell goSupermodel goods or services for real-life currency. This means that you may not trade your VIP days or goMoney in exchange for real money.


1. We do not allow the discussion of the following topics (remember, we are a child-friendly website):

  • Graphic discussions of sex is not allowed. Discussing sex is allowed, but do so in a neutral and considerate manner. We don’t allow unsolicited sexual comments or content.
  • Violence
  • Illegal drugs (following Danish laws)
  • You are allowed to speak about prescribed medication that you are taking. However, you are not allowed to recommend brands/types of medication and usage to others, as goSupermodel is not a website to seek or give medical advice.
  • Heavy promotion of religions and ideology
  • Mentions of your religion and political discussions are allowed in moderation. You are not allowed to force your opinion onto others (e.g. by hijacking a VIP giveaway thread to talk about the effects of capitalism). Political discussions must be kept civil and respectful. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe on the website.
  • Moderators reserve the right to lock down discussions if they, by our discretion, get out of hand or appear to be in bad faith/purely to cause a reaction.
  • Graphic discussions of self-harm, suicide, eating disorders, and other triggering topics.
  • Topics stating that you are in a suicidal crisis
  • Topics about weight-loss/weight-gain

2. Use trigger or content warnings when you are talking about sensitive topics. (TW)

The moderators may edit your title to include a trigger warning if necessary.

3. Do not make forums about locked topics.

They were locked for a reason. If you disagree with the decision to lock the forum, or if you wish a further explanation, reach out to the moderator inbox.

4. You are not allowed to spread misinformation.

Forums that have the potential to spread misinformation about polarizing, dangerous, or controversial topics will be locked.

5. You are not allowed to make forums purely to provoke people or cause a reaction.

6. You are not allowed to give/seek professional medical advice,

This means that you can not attempt to diagnose others with an illness or give advice on whether or not they should take a vaccine. These are conversations people should have with healthcare professionals.

You are, however, allowed to ask for tips to deal with symptoms (e.g. asking people what they do to help with a migraine), as long as it’s clear that it’s not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Breaking the rules has consequences. You may get a warning, a time-out, a user-deletion, or a ban. This depends on how gravely you broke the rules, the severity of the rule broken, previous sanctions, and whether you’ve respected previous warnings.

In most cases, our users will receive a last warning message notifying the user that their account will be deleted if they continue with breaking a rule moving forward. (this has been implemented in May 2023).

Please keep in mind that we don't delete users due to old warnings and timeouts. We do delete users that have bad intentions and are harming the community in present tense. Users who don't want to respect and learn by a warning or time-out and keep on breaking the rules are at risk of getting deleted. Everyone should have a chance to learn from their mistakes and we genuinely want to include everyone into the community if they agree upon our rules and our policy.

If you disagree with a warning or time-out, please send us an email at gosupermodel@watagame.com. We will then look into the case.


When uploading a picture to goSupermodel you need to make sure that you are following the rules. We do not allow the following:

  • Images that contain foreign language only.
  • Gore and graphic images.
  • Animal cruelty.
  • Pictures of naked people and pornographic images.
  • Images containing drugs and illegal substances.
  • Images that directly promote drinking and smoking. “You should drink a beer/have a smoke”
  • Images that directly promote any beliefs in a radical manner: political, religious, diet etc.
  • Images that are clearly uploaded to mock, bully or provoke certain people.

If you have any questions about an image, you can send a message to the MOD-inbox.


You must pick a proper model name. You are not allowed to use the following things in your username:

  • Slurs and names of discriminatory nature
  • Anything sexual, including words that can be interpreted sexually
  • Anything suggesting that you are looking for a partner
  • Names that promote a religion or political stance
  • Names resembling a link or website
  • Profanity and curse words
  • Insults
  • Names targeting/bad-mouthing, mocking or bullying others
  • Impersonation
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Names about sensitive topics such as diagnosis, self-harm, suicide…etc.


goTests and magazines need to follow normal goSupermodel rules.

Magazines and goTests about +18 topics or with scary content such as true crime need to have a disclaimer or a trigger warning listed on the frontpage or second page. If a magazine or a goTest is reported and there is no disclaimer or TW listed, there is a risk for the content to be deleted and you will lose all the earnings.


Having up to five alts (Other models besides your main account) on goSupermodel is allowed, as long as it is not abused to get a significant unfair advantage over other users or to otherwise break our rules or Terms of Use.

Abuse will be dealt with according its severity, where as the most severe violations which will lead to the immediate deletion of all alts plus a timeout or even deletion of main model(s) include the following:

  • Using alts to send spam goMessages or forum posts to other users using a script or third party software.
  • Using alts to "farm" goMoney from games, using scripts or software.
  • Using alts to cheat/scam goMoney, Diamonds, VIP days or items from other users on goSupermodel.
  • Using alts to abuse the "greetings" system to send a model 100 or more supergreetings (SGs) using scripts or software.
  • Repeating milder violations despite warnings and timeouts.

Milder violations will give the user either a warning or a timeout, and are as follows:

  • Using two or more alts to "farm" goCode or other campaign items.
  • Using two or more alts to send greetings to yourself or others.
  • Using one or more alts to circumvent the earning limits imposed by the games through either trades, auctions or gifts.
  • Using an alt to circumvent a timeout.
  • Using an alt to "bump" your own forum threads.
  • Creating additional alts after the introduction of these rules, if you already have 5 or more.

You are not allowed to have more than 5 alts. Having more than 5 may lead to some or all of them to be deleted, but no punishment will be given to your main account(s) the first time.

Use of alts that are NOT in violation of our rules:

  • Posting on the forums with an alt, as long as it is not to circumvent a timeout or break the rules.
  • Sending greetings/SGs to your main model(s) from one alt. Other alts must not be used for sending greetings/SGs.
  • Playing Sketzmo (or other multiplayer games) with an alt, but never using a script, software or automation.
  • Sending gifts to your main using goMoney from your main.


We hope this page will help you better understand the rules and the reasoning behind them.

Further information about certain rules

Anything that might need further clarification, should be stated here.

“What should I do if I have more than 5 alt accounts?”

We advise our users to delete any accounts that they do not use. If you have more than 5 alt accounts we ask you to delete them and follow the rules of alt accounts moving forward. To clarify: You can have 6 accounts in total, where 5 of those would be considered alt accounts or secondary accounts.

“Is it ok for me to earn 4000 goMoney on my main and on my alt on the same day?”

It is fine to reach the limit in Wardrobe Game of 4000 goMoney on your main account, while doing the same on an alternate account. However, you are not allowed to then transfer or trade the 4000 goMoney from your alternate account to your main account, either as currency or items, so that you essentially earn more than 4000 goMoney on your main.

“What counts as campaign items?”

Campaign items refers to specific campaigns such as Summer Party Tour, Christmas and/or icon hunts.

“What counts as sensitive content that needs trigger warnings?”

Anything that in general might be intensely upsetting to others. Examples of this are topics such as loss, war, and accidents.

You use trigger warnings by writing “TW: losing a parent” in the title or at the beginning of your post. That way, people can avoid the topic if it’s difficult for them.

Reasoning behind certain rules:

“Why do I have to use English in private club forums and goMessages?”

We need to be able to ensure that the rules are followed at all times, and in order to do that, we need to be able to understand what is written.

“Why am I not allowed to make posts about being in a suicidal crisis?”

There are two main reasons for this. The first is that goSupermodel is not a platform equipped to handle these types of crises. The second is that we have an obligation to protect other users, who might get triggered or feel scared reading these topics.

If you are in need of peer support, you may be able to find appropriate forums outside of goSupermodel, where people are more prepared and better equipped to help you. You may also reach out to a healthcare professional if that is a possibility for you. You will also find dedicated mental health and suicide hotlines by googling “(your country) suicide hotline”. If you are in need of immediate help, you should call your local emergency number.

Information about punishments:

“What counts as an old warning/time-out?”

More than 6 months roughly speaking.

We will add more information to the FAQ section when frequent questions arise.

Last updated 18/09/2023

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