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I am 24 and living in Sweden with my fiancé and our three cats.

In my free time I like to listen to music, play games, workout, solve crossword puzzles, read books and be with my family (my cats are included in my family). I also like plants, be outside on adventures and try different drinks with my fiancé.

I am always looking for friends so hit me up or send me a friend request!



This is our oldest cat, Broschis (Lillebror).

He is born around 2012-2014, no one really knows.

He loves to sit between us on the couch while we eat or watch tv.

He is the kindest cat there ever is.

This is Mysan (Lilla My). The one I got my username from.

She is born someday in August 2021 and was found as a kitten alone in the woods.

She gets zoomies and destroys the apartment several times per day.

This is Loka (Loki).

He is born on August 15th 2018.

He bites any toes he can find and loves to cuddle between us in bed.