How we keep goSupermodel safe

goSupermodel rules

Online safety is a high priority for goSupermodel. To make sure the site stays nice and fun for everyone, our users have to follow some rules.

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Our educated team of Trust & Safety Agents, known as admins or administrators, work to secure safety, serve the customers and to collaborate with the development team to make sure safety is well thought into every feature on goSupermodel.


The professional administrators are working with volunteer moderators. The moderators are users from the age of 18 and up who help to keep the site safe and fun. They also have the possibility to punish a bad user and report them to the admins.

The primary function of the moderators is to educate the users in good internet behaviour. The moderators receive training in being aware of inappropriate content, preventing bullying, creating a positive atmosphere and in general being good role models on the site. The moderators can not delete models nor can they see private chat messages. The responsibility always lies with the professional administrators who will take action on the more severe cases.


goSupermodel is monitored by filters 24 hours a day, every day. The filters make sure that specific words cannot be written on the site.

The filters also make the team able to manually observe and react to bullying and inappropriate content on the site. This is done by the admins. The filters are being developed all the time to be up to date with the latest trends.

Reports and punishments


Whenever a user finds content that breaks the rules, the user can report it to goSupermodel team. The team looks into the reports and acts accordingly.

Reporting is done by clicking an icon that looks like this:


We take our share of responsibility in educating people to be responsible internet users. That is why we use the punishments to keep the site safe and fun - but also to help them learn the rules of good online behaviour.

The punishments are:

When a user is breaking the rules and we believe they just needs some guidance, they will receive a warning stating what they did wrong.

Continuous or severe rule breaking results in a time-out. The user is always told why they received the punishment. Time-out means three days of silence - the user can log in normally but can't write anything.

If warnings and time-outs do not help or if the user has broken the rules very badly (for example by publishing sexual content), the model is deleted. This can only be done by the professional administrators and each case is carefully looked into.

When nothing else helps, the user can be banned. It means the user can not access goSupermodel with any of their models. This can only be done by the professional administrators who look carefully into each case banning.