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Relationships and love → Kissed a new person today
Ceaa wrote:
well i hope you have a lovely day on friday!! use protection lmao
Ofc haha
Relationships and love → Kissed a new person today
Ceaa wrote:
love to hear it! do you like this person? im guessing yes since you have a second date planned
Yes I like him
Relationships and love → Kissed a new person today
First date and we kissed quite a lot. We didn’t have sex but for sure gonna have sex on Friday when we’re meeting again

This was the second person I’ve kissed and it feels pretty good
Relationships and love → FaceTime with date
Melina wrote:
from "im 1 week single" to "i like them both"
Life moves quickly and I’m not about to be stuck on an ex
Relationships and love → FaceTime with date
Yes I’m gonna continue documenting about my new love life since I’m 1 week single today

I just did FaceTime with a date for over an hour. It was really nice! We seem really alike and it was quite easy to talk to him.

Now I have two dates planned:
Tomorrow with another person
Next Sunday with this person

Worst part is that I like them both
Relationships and love → I wanna move on
Imeralds wrote:
It will be your best phase of self-discovery
You will move on, but focus on being happy - remember you're enough and you're wonderful
I will absolutely focus on myself and my own happiness
Relationships and love → I wanna move on
Azabajani wrote:
I have been happily single for 2 years now but just can't seem to get into the whole dating and fooling around thing. It sucks! I hope you'll have the time of your life and keep safe!!!
I have always thought that fooling around is disgusting. I never understood it. I used to think that I only wanted to sleep with someone I was in a relationship with.

Now when I’m single again, I actually don’t feel the need to be together with someone to sleep with them. And I don’t even look down on people who do fool around. I guess you might change your mind depending on your past relationship and how your sex life was with that person.

Thank you
Relationships and love → I wanna move on
Katumirri wrote:
my friends never told me they enjoyed hoe phase. It's usually just boys who are super horny who want you in your hoe phase. But good luck. Try find someone who can even talk and you can trust. Don't be fooled
I’ve come across several super horny boys and I’m not gonna sleep with them. If im gonna sleep with someone it’s gonna be someone I’ve done on dates with and enjoy talking to. So I’m not gonna sleep with just anybody. But I’m also not really ready to be stuck with 1 or 2 in body count. I wanna up my body count a bit if I can before I get together with someone. Thank you for your words
Relationships and love → I wanna move on
Thank you for hyping me up! ♡
Relationships and love → I wanna move on
Fynboen wrote:
yayyyy!! ! im so happy and excited for youu
Relationships and love → I wanna move on
It’s been almost a week since my ex broke up with me. I don’t even think I still love him, I don’t really feel anything towards him.

I just wanna move on now and explore my dating life. Talk to people and go on dates. I wanna kiss new people and also probably sleep with them if I feel safe enough. I’m tired of only having my ex as my only experience.

This is the new era of my life. The hoe phase
Relationships and love → Date on sunday
Brokenglasses wrote:
If you feel ready go ahead
If you are not don't use someone random as a rebound tho
I’m definitely not gonna use anyone as a rebound. That’s so mean, and I would never wanna hurt anyone like that.
This guy I’m going on a date with I’m starting to really like even though it has only been a couple days
Relationships and love → Date on sunday
Moving on from my ex right away. I’m not wasting any time
Relationships and love → how did u feel after breakup?
It only happened 4 days ago, but I already feel a lot better. He was the one who broke up with me. At first I was so sad that I thought I was about to die. Then I got angry. But here comes the secret ingredient that worked for me: I downloaded dating apps and started talking to people. It made me think less about my ex. And now I have a date on Sunday with a guy I’m really starting to like.

But every emotion is okay! I feel kinda guilty that I’m already dating when it hasn’t even been a week yet, but at the same time he is the one that don’t wanna be with me. Why can’t I date and move on even if it’s very early?
Relationships and love → My heart hurts so much
evankeliumi wrote:
girl he fucking wasted 4 years of your life............ for selfish reasons...............
I know, I should hate him with my whole body, heart and soul. But I still love him…
Relationships and love → My heart hurts so much
evankeliumi wrote:
A part of me hates him and a part of me loves him too much to be able to hate him. That part feels sorry for him
Relationships and love → My heart hurts so much
nelmei wrote:
I'm so sorry this happened to you... i can't even imagine the pain
It hurts so fucking bad
Relationships and love → My heart hurts so much
I finally got my ex to talk to me after breaking up with me yesterday.

I wanted to know why he didn’t love me anymore. This is what I found out:
* he doesn’t love me
* he is not in love with me
* he’s not sure when these feelings disappeared or why
* he thinks he started to lose these feelings a bit before he broke up with me the last time (which was in February 2020, 4 years ago!!!!)
* he was too afraid to break up and he didn’t wanna give up on us
* he has lied to me and to himself every time he has said that he loves me
* his feelings will not change just because we are apart from each other

Wow. This is truly the end. I have loved him for 4 years and he haven’t loved me back.
We should have just stayed broken up the first time. I wish we hadn’t lived together. Got engaged. Got three cats. Moved to another city.
I really have to move on and let him go. He will never be mine again. My whole relationship has been a lie.