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What Pullip dolls are?

Pullips are 30 cm sized Asian fashion and collector dolls manufactured by Groove. These dolls have a recommended age limit, which is 14. The price range for these dolls is about 100 euros for rare 1000 euro dolls. The Pullip -family includes Dals, Byuls, Isuls, Taeyangs, Namus, Yeolumes and smaller versions of Pullips and Dals which are sized at about 10 cm. You can change wigs, eyes, lashes and clothing for these dolls, even do their makeup again. Because of the Pullips eye mechanism, you can close their eyes and move them left to right.


Who can join this club?
Anyone who loves Pullip -family dolls! You don't have to own any dolls to join.


-Introduce yourself first before writing anything else!
-Be kind and respectful to others: no racism, no discrimination, no name-calling, no bullying
-Any Pullip family doll can be beautiful! You can dislike some models, but don't be rude about it!
-Don't share misinformation about dolls!
-No recast/copy/pirate dolls (meaning: no selling, no tipping where to buy them, no endorsement, no discussion in a positive sense or no posting pictures of them; this includes Angelgate dolls)

-If you notice someone breaking the rules please report them to moderator team and also let our club owner or our managers to know about it!

-Remember: English only!

-Of course, other common Gosupermodel rules apply here.