Clothes & Accessories

Clothes and accessories are a fantastic way to express your personal style. Why not build a great wardrobe with lots of different styles to choose from - something to fit all your moods!

Your wardrobe

All the items you buy in the shop or receive as gifts will be placed in your Wardrobe, which is also where you change what your model is wearing.

Tip! To get a gift item into your wardrobe you must first read the goMessage it was sent in!

Types of items

The goSupermodel fashion items are divided into different types:

  • Good: Items that are typically available for a longer time. They can be bought with goMoney.
  • Unique: Exclusive goMoney items that are usually only available for a short time.
  • Diamond: Luxurious items that can only be bought with Diamonds.

You may also seems item types called "Basic" and "Special". These are old types so there will not come new items belonging to these types.

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