Clothes, hair, make-up and other items can be bought from the shop with goMoney or Diamonds.

Browsing and searching

The shop has different categories and filters. If you're just looking for inspiration, you might want to browse freely without setting too many filters. If you're looking for something specific like a red dress, you will benefit from using the filters. You can also sort the items in different ways, making sure the most relevant items show on top. The easiest way to learn to use the filters is to try them out! :)

Most items have a colour box next to them. Click the box to see all the colour options of the item, and click on the colours to see the item in that colour.

Trying items on

You can try on items by clicking the box they are in. They will appear on your model and on a list below. Clicking the item box again removes the item from the model and from the list.

There's a slider next to your model. Move it up and down and the item that is highlighted on the list below your model gets moved in front and behind of the other items. Use the slider to make sure your model's outfit is perfectly put together.


What you see on your model and on the list below the model are the items in your shopping basket. When you've collected all the items you want to buy for your model, click Buy. Note that you will buy all the items at once.

The same applies for buying gifts - you buy everything on the model at once.


If you have goMoney vouchers left, their value is automatically deducted from the sum of your goMoney purchases. So if you're buying a 500 gM dress but have a voucher for 100 gM, you will end up paying 400 gM from your own goMoney.

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