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Frequently asked questions

What is goSupermodel?

goSupermodel is an online community for young girls.

goSupermodel is produced in six languages - Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, German and Dutch - and has more than 1,4 million unique visitors around the world.

goSupermodel is a place for girls to be creative, meet their real life and online friends, join competitions, write in the forum and so on. It's a free, safety-oriented virtual world where girls rule.

Each user has their own virtual model that also functions as their avatar. The user can name and dress the model as she wishes.

Is it free?

Creating a model and using goSupermodel is free. To get more virtual money to buy clothes and some other advantages, it's possible to buy VIP with real money. That money is used to further develop goSupermodel.

Some content is sponsored by our cooperating partners. We always clearly inform when content is sponsored.

What can my daughter learn from goSupermodel?

We focus on creativity and user involvement. We encourage the girls to express themselves in whichever way suits them best.

We have many features and competitions around creativity. Girls can create and sell their own magazines, design outfits, write stories and jokes, dress up in a given theme and so on. They can join debates on the forum and decorate their own rooms.

Some users get promoted to help the goSupermodel staff. They will get a special icon and challenging tasks. Many girls use this experience in their resume when further applying to schools or summer jobs. Examples of these positions are moderators, who help to maintain the community; focus group members, who share their creative ideas; and Junior Designers, who create virtual clothes to be sold in the shop.

Is goSupermodel safe?

Safety is key to us - read more about it from our safety page.

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What is virtual money?

goSupermodel has its own virtual currency called goMoney. It can be used to buy virtual clothes and magazines on the site. Girls can earn it by playing games, catching flying money pigs, selling virtual magazines to others or winning competitions.

Other, more exclusive currency is Diamonds. Diamonds are mainly used for special clothes. The main way to get Diamonds is to buy VIP with real money.

What is VIP?

Creating a model and using goSupermodel is free. All features are accessible for everyone but VIPs - the users who pay for a membership - get extra opportunities.

VIP is bought with real money. VIP users instantly get a lot of the two virtual currencies, goMoney and Diamonds. Especially Diamonds can be used to buy exclusive items that non-VIPs can't get. VIPs also get extra benefits like a daily shot in VIP flipper, a weekly gift and unlimited auctions.

VIP sales keep goSupermodel running and contribute to watAgame Aps developing new features and optimizing the site.

VIP can be bought with credit card, SMS or prepaid cards sold in kiosks. The girls need parent's permission to buy it. We don't store any of your information and the charges are one time only.

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How to contact goSupermodel?

If you have questions, please email us at If you have questions regarding a specific model, please include the model name and other details that can be useful.

Regarding payment issues, please e-mail us at