Wishlist is a handy way to show which items you would like to have. If someone wants to buy you a gift, they can easily choose something from your wishlist and be sure you'll like what you get. :)

Adding items to your wishlist

To add something to your wishlist, simply click the heart icon next to the item in the shop. The heart turns red when the item has been added to your wishlist.

If you want to wish for the same item in several colours, choose the colour you want from the colour picker. The item changes colour and you can press the heart again. You can do this to as many colours as you want.

Managing your wishlist

To see your own wishlist, go to Wishlist. If there's an item you don't want anymore, click the heart again. The heart turns white and the next time you refresh the page, it's no longer visible on the list.

If you or someone else buys you the item, it will not automatically disappear from your wishlist. A good idea is to clean up your wishlist every now and then.

Other models' wishlists

When you're in Wishlist, you can search for any model you want to and see their wishlist, if they have made it visdible to other models. Once in somebody's wishlist you can buy them a gift by collecting all the items you wish to buy and clicking the Buy gift button.

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