gSm Insider W27
8. July 2024 14:00
gSm Insider W27

Hi goSupermodels!


It has been a week since we took off on our Summer Party Tour. We started off in New York. Did you manage to get all the passport items? We are off to La Paz in Bolivia next with a whole new, beautiful outfit to collect. We hope you have fun! 

Last Week's Happenings
  • We had two New York City shops drop by goblinbazooka, theAmanda, aware, and Martine. The last day to get these items will be on the 10th. 

  • We had our quarterly goSuperStrategy update.

  • The new sign-up models went live last week, coordinated by the Inclusivity Group. A massive thank you for that! 

  • As part of the sign-up going live, faces have now gone down to 299 goMoney.

  • The top-bar and model background customisation now includes a free dark mode option.

  • Our new forum categories went live, are you used to it already?
What's on this week?

Summer Party Tour

You can find an overview of New York City related competitions here, with for example the exciting competition where you can enter your pet to be voted cutest in the game! You might end up with your cute little (or big!) furbaby as an item. Who wouldn’t want that? Zander has been incredibly busy with all of his competitions, so there’s enough to do and win for everyone. 


There will be a new SPT news post later! Stay tuned!


goSupermodel Designers

We wanted to clarify the use of the “goSupermodel” label and who designs those items, as well as the differences in styles. Whereas one person mainly designs for goSupermodel, which you might recognise as “the” gSm designer style, we have multiple designers working for Momio/gSm in general. Whenever an item is labeled as goSupermodel, it has been created by one of these designers. 


With love


Ps. You found more items in your suitcase! Now you finally have the complete NYC outfit