gSm Insider W21
26. May 2023 14:00
We are happy... let you know that we've updated all of the "Help" pages with up to date information, as well as removing the she/her/girls from the texts and replaced it with more inclusive names such as the/them/their/the users etc. 


...we also had our first-ever Sketzmo Challenge on Tuesday.  We love how creative you've been the last couple of days as the submissions look absolutely great. Sign-ups are now closed and the voting has begun. Please vote on your favorites by Sunday 12:00 CEST. 


...We; staff, JDs, Focussers & SMA's have been working hard to prepare for the most colorful month ever on goSupermodel - so be sure to check out all the things happening, starting June 1st  

Aim to be mer-mazing!

We've been teasing the whole week towards a mermaid collection and today it's finally in the shop. Show off your most mer-mazing looks in our Mermaid Style dress-up competition here. Make sure you send in your splendid looks before the end of the weekend. 


Remember! We've released a beautiful mermaid goPack on Wednesday. Get it before it dives back into the ocean on Sunday.


We had our first diamond goCode hidden in our front page poll this week. A lot of you claimed it, as we have have given out 10.078 diamonds! Wow!