NYC fashion & adventure
4. July 2024 16:00
New York City fashion

This first week of Summer Party Tour we are visiting NYC, the City that never sleeps, as you probably have already noticed. And little sleep has Rori gotten this week, keeping busy scouting the streets to find the best of what New York fashion has to offer and it’s time to get excited, as the NYC capsule collection is dropping later today.

Akoya is stressing out a little, as she just launched her new shop, she’s feeling the pressure and really wants to make the Pearl shop a success. Soon she will expand her Pearl Shop offering with more wonderful, shimmering, shining, stylish items for you to collect. So keep collecting those Pearls soon you will have more items to pick and choose from.

NYC competition overview

Zander is busy hosting competitions, some inspired by NYC, some by travelling. We do hope you like him already, even though he’s flawed and makes mistakes, he’s just learning and Showtime did leave him some huge shoes to fill.

·        Zander's Broadway Fame Moment in SPT Forum section, ends July 8th, 2024 at 23:59 CEST. you can win two-five pearls.

o   Zander realizes that the amount of Pearls in his first competition didn’t seem overly impressive, however it was his first day on gSm and this was the amount of Pearls he was able to get a hold of.

·        Cutest Pet on gSm, ends July 16th, 2024 23:59 CEST. You can win your pet in the game - if your pet is voted one of the ten cutest pets on gSm.

o   Zander sends his apologies that it wasn’t clear where to add fun fact about your pet, it's okay to do it in headline, on the image or even in collage style. 

·        Glamour Summer in the City – SPT Forum section it's time to dress up for the hottest Manhattan Party this year, competition ends July 7th, 2024 23:59 CEST, so get head first into your wardrobe and pull out your finest look.

·        Guess Our Next Destination SPT Forum section, weekend competition coming Friday 5th of July ending July 7th, 2024 23:59 CEST.

Sion's New York adventure

Sion is elusive, you never know when she’ll be around as she’s always out seeking adventures. Here in NYC, she’s been spotted in various locations around the City. She does love a good chat though, we can only hope she doesn’t stop by and ends up revealing anything about our next destination.  


Thank you to everyone for your feedback and engagement with our Summer Party Tour.