gSm Insider W21
27. May 2024 13:30
gSm Insider W21

Hi goSupermodels!


It’s nearly June, which means real summer keeps coming closer, as are many fun campaigns! Are you all getting excited? You should be! The goCode is a little more hidden this week... can you find it?

Last Week's Happenings
  • On Tuesday, it was World Day for Cultural Awareness. Inclusivity Group made this amazing post about it.

  • New permanent inclusivity items were released to the shop.

  • We celebrated AAPI with amazing activities, organised and made possible by Yucan, hattifnatt, Elf, Claudettaart, and Hastings.

  • The permanent goCode in solidarity with Ukraine was released with the Ukrainian flag. Read more here.

  • A patchwork shop drop released before the weekend. It will be in the shop until the end of the day on the 30th. It was created by the amazing JDs Tjili, Omashu, Hastings, St4rlet, and goblinbazooka.


Staff updates

We have said goodbye to Suzii, who has stepped away from her admin position. Thank you so much for all you’ve done!


We welcomed a new admin as well as the new Inclusivity Group Team Captain. We’re all very excited to work with them.

What's on this week?

Social Media Ambassadors

Unfortunately due to the time restraint, Spigg has stepped down as Team Captain for the SMAs. This caused a lack of proper guidance for the SMAs from our end and it has been noticed by some of you. We truly value your feedback regarding the SMAs, but we ask you to remain kind to the volunteers while we work on a restructure for the team. We want the SMAs to be highly involved with the process as we believe their input to be very valuable, which is why we lowered the requirements regarding posting on their Social Media for the time being, until we have a new, proper structure set in place.



Going forward, all disability items will be priced at 10 goMoney. These updated prices will go live today.

A very exciting shop update is coming today! Keep your peeled.


With love,