New inclusivity shop items
21. May 2024 20:00
New inclusivity items added to the shop.

Making every model feel seen and valued, is such an important part of our journey here on goSupermodel. Whether you have a mental disability, physical disability or you represent a minority, goSupermodel aim be the community where you feel safe and you are able to represent yourself authenically with the items available in the forever shop.


With the help of our fantastic JD team, we've added:

  • Canes
  • Eye patches
  • Earbud plugs
  • Feeding tubes
  • Stoma bags
  • Insulin pumps & diabetes patches
  • Compression/support bandages 

to the shop - these items will stay in the shop forever.


We already have a list of more inclusivity items that are waiting to be produced that was put together in collaboration with the Inclusivity Group. That said, we are always looking into which other items to add to our list/future shop updates to make YOU able to represent your authentic self, so if you feel like something is missing from our selection, please reach out to Focus Group or Inclusivity Group members, they will gather the feedback for our next inclusivity shop drop.


With love and compassion,