gSm Insider W18
6. May 2024 13:00
gSm Insider W18

Hi goSupermodels!


A new Monday, a new week. Did you know that today is national beverage day? This is your reminder to drink enough water, especially now that the days are getting warmer! 

Last Week's Happenings
  • We had our first baby JDs shop drop with their dream outfits from the finale.

  • The VIP outfit of the month is this gorgeous old competition outfit! We want to thank you again for your feedback on the old three selections. You can still claim the outfit that was supposed to come as VIP outfit with the goCode: edgysunday

  • The Focus Group celebrated their one year anniversary! You all worked together as a community to unlock many amazing green goCodes. We hope everyone had an great time!

  • We had a guest collection by Spigg, this is still in the shop until the end of the day on the 9th.

What's on this week?

Competition Overview

Never miss a competition happening on-site or off-site, as we have introduced our new competition overview topic. You might want to check it every now and then!


Wardrobe Challenge Bug

We are aware of there still being an issue with wardrobe challenge where rewards are not given out. We are still investigating this issue, so if you run into this, please make sure to send a message to support ( with as much information as you can provide. Such as: browser, if you have already cleared your cache, if it happens on another browser, if you switch tabs at all while you play, etc. We are trying our best to find out where the problem lies and how to fix it. Thank you so much for your patience and everyone who has so far contributed to helping us find the problem!



An exciting shop drop is hitting the goSuperShelves this week, and we have a JD weekend to look forward to as well!


Have a wonderful week, lovely goSupermodels, and we hope you enjoy this little surprise.