Updated VIP outfit May
5. May 2024 22:00
May VIP outfit 

We heard the concerns and dissatisfaction regarding this month VIP outfit. We are very sorry for disappointing you. Please know that we will be more mindful in the future. 


After reading all the feedback regarding the VIP outfit choices of the month of May, we have decided to replace it with another former competition look that was highly requested. We have re-introduced the incense stick last week during the one year celebration Focus Group activities and it’s time for the rest of the outfit to make its anticipated comeback as the VIP outfit of May. It means that the looks that have been communicated earlier won’t return as VIP outfits. Since Edgy was the winning outfit of the poll, we have decided to release some of the items as a goCode. Please use edgysunday.



The first item being given out is going to be shoes on May the 6th, next one will be the dress, then the jacket and then the hair. Please make sure to have VIP before Monday to be able to get the item. 


Thank you for all your feedback and giving us opportunity to fix it. 


With love,