»Join my bingo club.
»Usually free entry but I will really appreciate supergreetings or gifts.
»If bingo has a fee, there are instructions on that in the first post.
»Comment "IN" to join.
»First 30 are in.
»Take the card with the same number as you are on the list and check your card.
»I will comment things in forum and you cross those out on your card and once your card is full (everything is crossed out) you write BINGO. The three first ones will win a prize and winners send prize trades to me.
»You can ask RECAP anytime.
»We are playing for FULL CARD!
»Notice that I'm playing on iPad so I appreciate patience and please give me mercy.
»Sometimes we get donors, let's be grateful to them and please give some credits to them.
»Only positive vibes, bullying, disturbing another, hate speech and all negative behaviour is forbidden. You will get a warning for behavior and for another warning for kicking from the group. All bad behavior will reported to the moderators.
»The Owner of the club is chicida and group includes Top Managers: LUM1, lavulin, koittakaa vaa jaksaa, PaPuPata and Managers:  Selena_, trinefischer, Tanja89, louise58, Tyskie and Erdbeerkatze. (on a break). They are all always ready to help, answer questions and intervene in possible bad behavior of the group.
»Feel free to ask anything anytime. <3