"Shut up Tyskie"

"i just sign up for bingos to flirt with you"


"i feel like we just became friends, but from that very second i got obsessed"

"my little positive ray of sunshine locked in a beer can"

"you could be a cult leader"

"you're like hannah montana, the best of both worlds"

"ej tyskie youre a fuckboy"

"you always want higher faster further better"

"beer drinking, bingo loving bich with 100 nationalities"

"i hate u so much its insane"

"i like u you are not scared to say sht like other betches"

"Hottest icon on gsm marry me"

"you're so intimidating it's making you even more hot"





"everytime i log in im like ok who is online oh wow tyskie??? what a surprise"


"you look like a russian whóre"



"ur the cutest overdeveloped spérm cell"



"ur nothing but trouble babe"