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Everyone is welcome to join play fun theme bingos with host chicida! I'm always listening my players and any kind of feedback is welcome, you can comment it HERE, I will appreciate it. You can go comment HERE what bingo theme would be nice to play. You can always ask me to host, my DM and forum HERE is open. Read the rules on the Bingo Rules page and if you want to donate to the prize, go comment HERE.

What has 75 balls & keeps smiling? BINGO”  If bingo is your thing, you're lucky bingo model they warned about, you're obsessed with bingo, you love bingo community, your motto is “eat, sleep, bingo, repeat”, your happiness is yelling “BINGO”.  — Then you're born to play and you have come to the right place. Welcome, I hope you enjoy! ❤️               
Love, chicida






 Here are some sayings what I truly believe while playing and hosting bingos:

Bingo is a game where everyone has an equal chance to win.“

”Bingo brings people from all walks of life together.”

”Bingo is more than just a game – it’s a social experience.“

”What happens in Bingo stays at Bingo.“

”Bingo is a game that appeals to everyone, no matter their age.“

”If you want to win at bingo, you’ve got to be lucky and strategic.“

”Playing bingo is an excellent way to escape reality for a while.“

”Bingo is a game that’s easy to learn but always exciting to play.“

”Bingo is a game of chance that brings people together.“

”In bingo, the numbers don’t lie.“

”Bingo is a game that will never go out of style.“

”Bingo is more than just a game – it’s a community.“

”Bingo is a stress-free way to have fun and win some prizes.“

”In bingo, it’s not just about winning – it’s about having fun.“

”You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy playing bingo.“

”Bingo is a game that creates memories and friendships.“

”There is undoubtedly an element of luck in bingo as it random which bingo card you get and then also quite random as to which numbers are called and in what order“