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A club made by Norwegian goModels, for Norwegian goModels ♡

Join our Discord server for news, goCodes, giveaways and competitions and a place to speak Norwegian 

♡ HERE ♡

♡ Rules ♡

1. Please remember to speak English, even in the members-only forums! We don't want anyone getting in trouble here. 

2. Any type of discrimination, racism etc. will not be tolerated here. 

3. Remember to have fun and enjoy being back on gSm ♡ 



Our Discord server was made when they first started teasing the reopening of goSupermodel on Instagram 21st of October. Since then we've been growing, and we're at over 1,6k members in that server, and over 3k members here! It proves how big the Norwegian community is on gSm! ♡

Ever since the Discord server opened, we have been trying to create a nice and wholesome Norwegian gSm community where everyone is welcome, and where everyone rules!

Please consider joining our Discord server for more fun! 

Many thanks to the LOVELY Sathia who made this layout for us ♡