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Im Sophie, a 24 year old young woman, with and old soul from the freezing country up north called Norway. Im what u call a chaotic mess, mentally, physically and creativily wise. Im also the kinda person that u never know what I will say or do in the next second. Not even I, myself do. Its scary sometimes, trust me, I know.. I also have the bad habbit of getting new hobbies all the time, never finishing projects nor tasks I start, and Im CONSTANTLY restless. The cool thing about me tho, Im not a boring person. I love spending time in my own company, but hey, its even more fun if my friends join in on the crazy stuff I tend to be up to. Im also a nightowl, I do all my stuff during the night, cause I physically dont function as a human during the day.  So thats me.. Id love to hear about you