You will often see small icons placed next to the models or elsewhere on goSupermodel. Here is an overview of what they all mean.


The models you see on goSupermodel may have different roles, depending on who they are.

Admin (short for administrator) is the person that makes sure that there are always fun competitions, polls, events, etc. and she also deals with models that do not behave properly.

All the moderators that help out admin have this icon next to their model. You can learn more about what the moderators do and who they are here. New moderators are selected by us - so there is no need to beg admin all the time!

goSupermodel staff
Models that have this icon are members of the goSupermodel staff (i.e. the people that are hired to make and run goSupermodel). They are often very busy so don't expect them to be online all the time.

Once in a while a celebrity or special person will visit goSupermodel. Such models are identified by this icon.

Users that support goSupermodel by being a member get this special icon for their model to clearly show who they are. More information on different VIP's can be found here.

Junior Designer
Junior Designers (JD's) are very talented users that act as Lisa's (the goSupermodel designer) assistants. You can often find their creations in the shops. New JD's are found through special competitions that are clearly announced on goSupermodel.

Focus group
Users that are lucky to be part of a goSupermodel focus group will get this icon. The focus groups help us with input and ideas when we are developing new things. New focus groups are selected by us and it will be clearly announced on goSupermodel when we are looking for new volounteers - so there is no need to beg admin all the time!

SMA (Social Media Ambassador)
Models that have this icon are users that are officially working with the goSupermodel Social Media team as ambassadors. They are promoting goSupermodel on their social media and help create content for goSupermodel's official Social Media channels.

User status

The model is currently in the chat.

The model is online on goSupermodel.

Today is the model's birthday.


A forum topic will sometimes be marked with one or more of the following icons that indicate the topic's current status.

Important forum topics are marked with this icon, meaning that they will always stay at the top of the particular forum section.

A forum topic can, for various reasons be locked by admin or a moderator, meaning that no more posts can be made in it.

When a forum topic reaches the maximum number of posts it will be marked with this icon to show that no more posts can be made.


The following icons are only found within the clubs, and they are used to indicate what roles the different models in the club have. You can read more about clubs here.


Top Manager




Below you can see the icons used for the different types of goMessages you are likely to receive on goSupermodel. The first icon for each type shows you what it looks like when you have not yet opened the goMessage. The second icon is used once you have read the goMessage.

This icon indicates a normal goMessage, and it will usually be from another model. If you have replied to a normal goMessage the icon will change into the third one shown above.

goMessages that contain a gift from another model are marked with this icon. Once you have read the message you will get the gift.

Friendship requests
If another model invites you to become friends or best friends, the goMessage will be marked with this icon.

VIP message
goMessages about your goSupermodel VIP (if you have one) are marked with this icon. More information on VIP's can be found here.

goSupermodel message
This icon is used for goMessages sent by goSupermodel or any celebrities that may visit the site.