1. Creating a club

You have to be at least a Level 1 to create your own club, and it costs 250 goMoney. You can own one club.

Define the club

When you're creating a club, you need to type in a name, description and some search words. They are important in defining what your club is all about, so give them some thought.

NB! You can't change the name of the club afterwards.

Search words

Search words are used by other models to find clubs that they are interested in. If you create a club for horse enthusiasts your search words could be something like horse, riding, animal, hobby, sport, etc. Enter only one word per line!

2. Designing and editing your club

You can do lots of things to make your club interesting. Here is a short description of how you go about editing your club.

Add new pages

In addition to the initial pages of your club (club home, forum, members and administration) you can add 1-5 new pages. It's done in the Edit club menu. Each page must be given a name or a title. You can decide if the page should be visible to all or just to members of your club.

Your pages are placed after the club front page (also called Club description) and can be arranged exactly as you wish by moving them up and down (there are buttons for this in the Edit club menu).

Design the pages

You can design how the pages look like. This is done under the Edit club menu. Click on the page you want to design and you'll be directed to the page editor.

Delete the club

If you decide to delete your club, go to Edit club and click Delete club.

3. Administration

There are several kinds of members in each club. Here you can get an overview of what they can do.


The owner is usually the model that created the club. The owner is the only one who has access to all features and rights in the club. The owner can do the following things:

  • Add new pages
  • Edit club pages
  • Edit the forum
  • Change club description and search words
  • Accept/reject applicants
  • Upgrade/downgrade members to and from manager and top manager status
  • Ban existing members
  • Read and write in all forum topics
  • Delete the club

Of course, it is probably also the owner that defines the club rules.

Top manager

Top manager is the owner's right hand. The top manager will have almost the same control as the owner and can do the following things:

  • Add new pages
  • Edit club pages
  • Edit the forum
  • Accept/reject applicants
  • Upgrade/downgrade members to and from manager status
  • Ban existing members
  • Read and write in all forum topics


Managers are "moderators" in the club froum. They're appointed by the owner or a top manager. A manager can do the following things:

  • Edit the forum
  • Read and write in all forum topics


Club members are models that have been accepted into the club but have not been given any special rights. A member can read and write in the forums.


Models that are not members of a given club can only read and write in the forum sections marked as public.

4. Club membership

Applying for membership

If you want to join a club you must apply for membership. It is then up to the club owner or top manager to decide whether to accept or reject your application. If the club accepts you, you will get a notification about it. You can cancel your application to a club if you change your mind.

You have three club memberships unless you have unlocked the bonus that allows you to have more than three.

NB! Please note that your maximum number of applications also follow these rules. For example, if you are a allowed to be a member of 11 clubs and you are already member of 7 clubs you can make up to four additional applications.

Leaving a club

If you want to leave a club, go to the Club description page of said club. Click the button saying Cancel membership.

Sponsored clubs

Sometimes there are sponsored clubs on goSupermodel. These clubs are not counted in your mazimum club memberships. They're free to join and everyone is automatically approved as a member.

Rejections and expelled members

Members that have been banned from a club cannot apply for membership with the same club before 30 days have passed.

Model whose application has been rejected by a club cannot apply for membership in it until 14 days later.

5. Club overview

The lists

The club overview will show you various lists of clubs: Most active clubs, newest clubs, random clubs, and clubs that you are a member of.

The lists are updated once a day.

The search functions

To find a specific club you simply click on one of the search buttons. Type in a search word and you'll see all the clubs that have this word as a search word or club name.