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17th of may Wow, seems like you know ALOT about 17th of may, if you're not a Norwegian citizen already - you should become one! ❤️ › Take goTest
Who's Your Moderator Twin? You have the most in common with moderator Marble! › Take goTest
Are you an OG gSm user? No, you are not an OG › Take goTest
what snus brand are you Skruf<3333 Probably fresh white › Take goTest
Which BRATZ Doll Are You? You're Yasmin! You're *** with fashion and mixing vintage pieces with your urban style. You love to sing, but you're too afraid to let your talent shine – but you've promised your bezzies you'll work on that whole confidence thing! › Take goTest
Which Finnish may day thing you are? You are like sima (mead). You are bubbling and smiling person. Maybe you are a queen of parties › Take goTest
Should you seek theraphy? My oh my. You should probably reach out before it gets worse, dear. I am slightly concerned for you ngl. › Take goTest
which Suomi-Meme are you Ai my shoulder ai ######## https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp? magid=43418#page1 › Take goTest
alpha, sigma or beta? ur beta that's like the middle ground tbh › Take goTest
Are you an OG-gSm person?? you know EVERYTHING!!! You're an real OG <33 › Take goTest
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› Who is your celebrity best friend? Find out who is your celebrity best friend › Take goTest