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Everything else → finding friends is hard
Nelli :3 wrote:
Haha she has the greatest personality and she´s a fun character in general
We call her Sönkkö for short, as a finn you probably get why as you look at her pic
omg XDD first time when im actually laughing out loud because of gsm
what breed are they? looks like could be a little norwegian forest cat
Everything else → ignoring the problem means you
Trivial wrote:
there might now be thing directly you can do to solve the problem but you can still show support to those effected by it...

using your example: donating money, helping Ukrainian refugees, etc.

fully ignoring the problem is never the solution
well yea ofc supporting is okay, but people tend to worry too much about things that they can't really fix, i guess that is what i tried to say
Everything else → finding friends is hard
Nelli :3 wrote:
I like pet rats, 911 lone star, horses, coffee with oat milk, stupid humor and building stuff on the sims 4.
I am introvert but I love my friends and am deeply caring and loving person.
New buddies are always welcome to enter my life

Here´s a picture of one of my cats.
hahaha can't stop laughing to the cat in the front XDDD no but srsly they are cute as fuck
Everything else → nowadays gosuing
fernweh wrote:
lmao here XDDD
oh no i thought we were talking about life......
haha jokes only
Everything else → ignoring the problem means you
Trivial wrote:
well it depends on the problem. For example the war in ukraine (ik but it was first in my mind), we all know it's awful etc. but we can't really do anything about it so why worry then.
Everything else → nowadays gosuing
fernweh wrote:
i really am thinking to just delete myself...
from here or from life?
Everything else → nowadays gosuing
same here girl

Everything else → why is calling-out not allowed
people should be confronted but from what i have seen a lot here (or in social media in general), is that whatever that other person says it is never enough for that person who confronted them.
and i know sometimes there are people who are just simply hateful for no reason, but still.
Everything else → ignoring the problem means you
sometimes ignoring is the best way to handle it
Entertainment → Just bought a gaming
that's totally okay! what games are you gonna play?
Style, fashion and beauty → rate the outfit above
9/10, would change the hair to something bigger and puffier but other than that i love it!
Everything else → quote....... the look you like
Lyrina wrote:
Your looks are always on point.
you definitely caught my eye
Competitions and games → truth the person above
your style is giving me 70's rockstar/pirate vibe, love it!
Buy, sell and trade → (S) 12k sgs!
heyy I have 12500 sgs, i'm willing to sell them all (for gm) so tell me what you want to pay!
Everything else → SOoooo??? panfu, club penguin
ummm what has happened here??
Style, fashion and beauty → show your new look
hey it's me
Everything else → Accept or decline
probably not
Entertainment → re-watching twilight
i guess it's the twilight marathon season now that it's almost fall
Everything else → Do you have your driving
i have my drivers test coming next week, i'm too nervous cause i always blow up in test situations
Everything else → i'm panicking
i have my driving exam on next monday and honestly i'm way too panicked there's so many little things to remember to do when driving and i'm scared that i forget to do something small and they gonna fail me