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It’s time to choose your team...

You have been chosen on Team Witch! Join the coven, make yourself comfortable and practice the most wonderful spells

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what twilight character are you <3 Edward Cullen, was it obvious? Your'e into the classics, and you're very traditional. You like romance and age gaps :) (this was not based on any science) › Take goTest
Are you the sun, moon, clouds or stars? You're the moon, you're mysterious and people are drawn to you <3 › Take goTest
PERSONALITY TEST BUT the questions are VERY specific Here are your stats: You're easy going but anxious. You spend a lot of time questioning your own goals, but try to make things stable for yourself. You always feel like something is a bit off. You enjoy metal music. If you don't listen to it, do it. › Take goTest
whats your zodiac sign? You give me earth sign vibess!! Capricorn, taurus or virgo! They're known to be stable, pragmatic, and unwavering. If you want someone to edit your résumé or help you move, you're calling an earth sign! You're a reliable friend! › Take goTest
What is ur gsm love language? Thrall (slave basically) You bump everyone's topic. If your friend is looking to buy an item you will help them find it. You always get an extra gocode in case they don ´t. You bid on their auctions to help them raise the price. You would do anything! › Take goTest
Should we be friends? We could be a good friendship match, but we've got some work to do. › Take goTest
What color are you? Let me guess... You are the color RED! <3 Love that color, you should send me a friend request $ › Take goTest
Discover your Katy Perry Match goTest

The Katy Perry song that matches your personality is... Hot 'N Cold


Almost fifteen years later, this song is still a vibe. You are edgy and bold, and we love you for it. 

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Where does humans find you? You live in the forest behind a little cottage. The humans living there have never seen you, but you do little favors for them to let them know you are friends. You make flowers grow and the birds sing when you are near. Mushrooms are your trampoline › Take goTest
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