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Everything else → do you go to therapy??
you can ask them to help in any way you want :)
Everything else → i love lying
haute couture wrote:
no i just love saying outrageous things
yeah i just thought you lied about liking to lie, i have a problem with irony
Everything else → i love lying
haute couture wrote:
i once pretended jimi hendrix was my uncle for an entire night and this one guy just straight up believed me
oh so you actually meant it lol i cant with this
Everything else → men...........................
ugh, though at least he admits it and has changed..
Everything else → i love lying
haute couture wrote:
my dad is literally barack obama so
OH hahaha
Everything else → i love lying
um thats not a good thing
Everything else → does this ruin my look
Not at all, its super cute!
Everything else → most embarassing thing of GSM
ohh nooo :(
Everything else → hello roro bring back these :)
ahhh the nostalgia
Everything else → this isnt realistic anymore
yeah i actually agree with this, i was shocked when i heard the collection leaves so early?!
Everything else → the collection is so ugly
there were some super cute items though! and its such a huge collection
Everything else → This new collection....
noo it gets better when u scroll down
Style, fashion and beauty → New collection is here
that was FAST lol, havent even checked
Everything else → im gonna say it
Zara wrote:
I completely missed this
Everything else → I'm finally getting therapy
this is great, im so happy for u!! asking for help is already a huge step towards healing
Everything else → omggggg
sophiedropdead wrote:
I prefer the stress poopies over not being able to poop for a week I think
haha SAME:(
Everything else → omggggg
sophiedropdead wrote:
HOW??? I get stress poopies every single day
stress can make you do either haha
Friends and guestbooks → soxial anxiety club
just sent you a friend request!
Help, tips and tutorials → goCodes & icon hunting
SnowWriting wrote:
How are u so sure they get paid? Just wondering ;P
This is their full time job and they have to pay their bills somehow. When we buy VIP thats where the money goes
Everything else → meds stopped working
That must be very difficult, so sorry you're experiencing this! If you're seeing a therapist I would suggest you tell them or your doctor.