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Which Stranger Things character are you Jonathan! Congratulations you got my favorit character! You like being alone, but you have a small group of friends that would do anything for you. You have a heart of gold and you are really creative. › Take goTest
Do you know your TS songs? Congrats, you're a Swiftie!!! You know the lyrics by heart, of course. You can't think of anything better better than blasting out the blondie's music from your speaker and singing your heart out <3 › Take goTest
Eurovision Quiz Wow, you might be a Eurovision superfan! I wonder what your favorite song is! :D › Take goTest
Are you born to be a moderator? YOU ARE BORN FOR THE JOB<3 › Take goTest
are you a walking red flag? you're a walking red flag, you're oozing toxicity pls fix up. › Take goTest
How swedish are you? You are not Swedish at all, you should do some reading ;) › Take goTest
Are you a Karen? Nope you're no Karen yet but you can become one › Take goTest
What is your personality type? S - Steadiness. You are sociable, caring, and dutiful. Community, cooperation, and good relationships are at the forefront - just as you want predictability and are calm when tasks need to be solved. › Take goTest
hogwarts sorting ravenclaw so u are smart, i like it › Take goTest
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› Do we have the same music taste? Let's see if we like the same artists.
There's both artists I like and do not like to make this confusing hihi
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