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Your ideas → Changes to the Game Bonus
deeem wrote:
See I am not the only one
No you're not I only use my pinballs when I have the time for the game bonus if i get it
Your ideas → Changes to the Game Bonus
I play the full 3 hours
Everything else → What are you doing today?
I'm going to work in an hour
Competitions and games → SG or Gift
Competitions and games → SG or Gift
Competitions and games → SG or Gift
Competitions and games → SG or Gift
Everything else → have you blocked anyone?
one bc they did not have a vibe i liked lmao
Everything else → Prom in your country
Dress nicely, fine dinner and then clubbing. There were also a red carpet before to take pictures i hated it

I enjoyed it until it was time for the clubbing lol :( went home earlier than expected and went to bed
Everything else → getting my ears syringed
this post made me motivated to keep on with putting the oil in my ear omg
Creativity → Monster energy lovers pspsps
oh my gooooood yes that collection is the coolest
Everything else → students do u have summer jobs
I'm working 100% my whole summer
Everything else → Azealia Banks...
she's too funny sometimes
Everything else → how is giraffes real
they just do
Everything else → after 3 years it's finally
Style, fashion and beauty → belts
Everything else → Do you think money = happiness
all my problems atm is the fact that i don't have any money so yes money would make me v happy
Everything else → if u had a baby RIGHT NOW, wha
Elsie or Laura
Competitions and games → songlio anyone?
I would love to
Entertainment → loreen
FannePanne wrote:
imagine getting to see her perform with 28 different numbers. it would be iconic and fantastic and out of this world
Let's call it LoreenFestivalen