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I'll guess your age! You must be older than 25! Send me a greeting if that was correct :) › Take goTest
Which McDonald's menu item are you? The big mac! A classic that a lot of people have tried. You come regularly and order food because you like McDonald's and McDonald's loves you. You go to McDonald's as often as you can. McDonald's is a safe space for you and McDonald's is LIFE › Take goTest
would grim marry u? grim would get a restraining order against you › Take goTest
are you legenden? you are probably not legenden › Take goTest
Test your brain! Holy mother Mary, you're a really a brainy and you know everything. If you haven't cheated, then I'm proud! › Take goTest
Do i like you? Hit me up cause i like you!! › Take goTest
do u secretly like feet YOU LOVE FEET!!!!!! u r kind of obsessed w them........ its kinda scary....... this. test. does. not. lie. this is the ULTIMATE truth.... its okay to idk... seek help??? › Take goTest
Order a Vegan Sandwich! Thank you for your order! Enjoy your Sandwich! <3 › Take goTest
Are you like Actually? Omg! We're completely the same! Send me that friend request asap <3 › Take goTest
Can we be friends? We're not the same person but we could be friends!!! › Take goTest
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