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Everything else → morning poop
Its here
Everything else → Any Dutchies over here?
Hii :)
Competitions and games → Have you seen the model above
Everything else → find your boob shape
You have the Round Boobs! Just like round boobs, your personality is
fun-loving, outgoing, and always ready for an adventure. You bring
energy and excitement to any situation.
Buy, sell and trade → Selling New Beyoncé goPack
Everything else → is it hot there you live?
Yes! From Friday the temperature goes up to almost 30 degrees
Buy, sell and trade → (S) 55 SG
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) blue esser make up
Friends and guestbooks → Who did you meet from gsm?
No one yet.

But we could set something up since we live a 10 minute drive away from each other lol

Everything else → No social media
Nope im too addicted
Everything else → What's for breakfast?
the. same. yoghurt. everyday.
Everything else → blablablabla
with all that junk?
Everything else → Can you drink coffee without
ruususenuni wrote:
no i once ordered a latte from mcdonalds to go and wondered why it was so hot and tasted so bad but i just kept drinking... hours later i was still struggling with the coffee and i opened the lid, to find out that it was just black coffee :///
Yes!! somehow the mcdonalds coffee stays very hot for a very long time.
Everything else → Can you drink coffee without
yes its the best
Style, fashion and beauty → Best parfume?
Im in love with Gucci Bloom
Everything else → Omg that's the item!
7, and would steal the earrings
Everything else → It's my baby's bday!!
I'm melting
Happy birthday
Everything else → I can't be on this site anymor
SAYS who
Buy, sell and trade → VIP days 30 gm each !
Wonderful wrote:
Buy, sell and trade → VIP days 30 gm each !
Can I buy 20 days? :)