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10 latest goTests taken by Serena

See what the 10 latest goTests taken by Serena tell about her.

You can also take the goTests yourself and see if you get the same results!
Title Result  
Which Breaking Bad character are you? Skylar White › Take goTest
Are you like Geggo? YES! .... Is that you, Geggo?  › Take goTest
Danish Midsummer Woah! You must be a Dane by heart! Or at least very known in this topic ;) Well done! › Take goTest
Who are your goFocusser twins? Congratulations! You have the most in common with the rodent enthusiasts Evren, Chizumi, Sandxd and suklaanamu! Just like these goFocussers, you share an appreciation for psychological depth and a curiosity to dig into the unknown! › Take goTest
Discover your Katy Perry Match goTest

The Katy Perry song that matches your personality is... California Gurls


You are unforgetabble, undeniable, fine, fresh and fierce, all according to our pop queen herself. 

› Take goTest
Which gsm smiley are you   !  You're just happy to be here. Very nice to everyone!! Positive vibes only  You might be an npc, who knows really › Take goTest
Are you staff... IN DISGUISE? Part I YOUR STAFF TWIN IS..... GoMila!! Who I consider a warm and generous soul, quite adventurous, a loving family mom - who wants everyone to live their best lives. ღ › Take goTest
What gsm-item are u? › Take goTest
Are you a gSm icon? You are part of the most iconic gSm elite :O Add me as a friend NOW!!! ilyilyily › Take goTest
are you good at math? i don't think you're a math queen.... › Take goTest
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