Hi there! My name is Luna and im 22 years old.

I spend most of my time working full time 

(soon to be narrowed down) and my lovely bf

whom i live with in our apartment in Copenhagen.

In my free time i love self caring, spending time with friends (doesnt happen that often ngl, LOL) and relaxing in general. For anyone interested

in my zodiac history, im Taurus sun, Cancer rising & Aries moon. Which from my understanding

means im an emotional wreck but also strong at the same time, but also very chill about it? Idek at this point. I'd describe myself as a very laid

back person, who loves good humor and meeting

new acquaintances. 


Ive been on gsm since i was a teeny weeny girl.

Back when vintage was the shit and u could spend hours skipping through the pages hoping 

you'd find some "uniques". My name back then was something as embarrassing as Just,Me!d;

if you recognize my name pls dont hesitate to hmu! would love to hear from my fellow gsm loving danes. I got to know about gsm 2.0 

from my childhood bestie. When i saw

the message "did you know gsm is 

coming back?" it felt like a fever

dream. It was everything i wanted

since i was a child.. a childhood 

dream come true for real. Im very

excited to be back, apart from

current controversies! :)




If you see me somewhere, in a forum or on a friend message board post, or wherever, PLS dont hesitate hitting me up. Im always on the lookout for new friends. I do like talking to people before adding them as a friend tho, therefore i wont be accepting

empty friend requests. My dm's are always open tho!

XOXO Serena.