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Are you like me (puukkojuhla)? You're me! I'm sorry :( We'll be alright. Hopefully. Eventually. In the meantime I am sending you some love <33 › Take goTest
I can guess your Zodiac element! Your most prominent element is Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). Some words that describe this element; reliable, practical, pragmatic, intelligent, dependable, perfectionist, analytical. › Take goTest
Are YOU the toxic friend?! You seem like a normal nice person and good friend. You might have some toxic traits, but most of us do. You value communication and mutual respect, and that goes a long way. › Take goTest
What kind of spice are you...? Girl you are basic. You are liek salt, there is a lot of people like you around the word. EVERY dish needs just a little bit of salt, not too much girl. Salt is a worldwide popular seasoning, yet it is not a spice. Instead, it is an organic mineral. › Take goTest
Are you a real swifty? Wow, I am IMPRESSED. YOU are a real Swifty and I really hope you will get Tickets to the Eras Tour <3 › Take goTest
How Well Do You Know Me? Wow, you done good! You seem to know me pretty well! › Take goTest
Which of the four astrological elements do you identify with You seem to identify most with air signs! Air signs are typically cerebral and intellect-driven. People who fall in this camp are often witty and thoughtful, while also prone to over- thinking. And they’re generally sociable creatures. › Take goTest
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