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I'll just keep posting my dogs

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25. December 2022 17:57

Wardrobe challenge

Some find it easier if you focus to one color at a time, but remember to keep an eye on the whole thing so you don't mess it up. Take your time.

Try to keep the height leveled, if you have empty space between "towers" it's a problem.

I always start my game by analyzing the top rows, trying to see what I can level, but at the same time I look below. What is the easiest to get rid of or what needs to be dropped and where? Find the lonely ones. Get them company. DON'T let lonely ones drop to the bottom without a plan, the bottom is the dangerzone.

Don't take off the huge spots just because it gets rid of a big amount. It can be hard to see what happens when you do, and you might need the big one to help get rid of smaller ones later. Try to always know what you're doing! You will slowly start to perceive it better. There are situations you don't understand until you've played for a while, so just keep playing and THINKING.

Remember to look around between moves even though it seems to be going well in one spot. I usually wait 2-5 seconds between moves just to let my brain process the surroundings so I don't make dumb mistakes.

TAKE BREAKS. Especially if you win levels, remember to snap out of it for a little while so you can focus better and go higher.

LISTEN TO a podcast or watch something while playing!! Music is not enough for me personally, I need to have something interesting going on that I'm focusing into so I don't just get "bored" and keep clicking around the game with zero effort.