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What fish are you? .. A Catfish! Or are you really? How do we know? You could be a shrimp hiding behind the screen and I wouldn't know. I advice you to show your true colours or you might end up on a certain TV show.  › Take goTest
Are you as cool as blub? Almost as cool but yet it misses something. Also do did you know a banana is a berry? › Take goTest
What kind of cat are you? BLACK AND WHITE/BLACK/WHITE COMFORTABLE CAT You are a comfortable cat who appreciates space. You also love being around the owners. You are a well-groomed kitty who loves to rest! MEOW! › Take goTest
Are you the toxic roommate? You are not the toxic person at all. You are the sweet person most toxic people will pick on. Be careful and learn to stand your ground. I would even suggest leaving the house if you get the chance. That house is a ticking time-bomb. › Take goTest
Let me guess how many sex partners you’ve had Between 3-10 sex partners › Take goTest
are you dumb dumb like the most of us <3 › Take goTest
How long until you quit playing the game? You don't understand what "quitting" means, since gSm is your life › Take goTest
What is your fav color? Your fav colour is: black-brown-red-orange › Take goTest
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› Are you an analphabet? › Take goTest