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Club forum: Public → ✦ jigsaw puzzle ✦
Club forum: Public → ✦ jigsaw puzzle ✦
Club forum: Public → ✦ jigsaw puzzle ✦
Everything else → pee smell
Last Autumn wrote:
pee smell and DoKost omg!!!
We truly complement each other
Everything else → pee smell
Happy pee smell day
You bring a fabulous odor to the site
Everything else → They/Them pronouns
love your name
I love yours more
Friends and guestbooks → tag a fartface

Everything else → They/Them pronouns
I use plural they/them. I'm simply too much to be referred to as a singular person

(this is a joke)
Style, fashion and beauty → Layerers respectfully, how
I usually just add more layers if I don't like the look lol

my loooks probably look like poopoo, but meh it's fun
Everything else → ur english good?
got like top 7% or something, but I guessed so many. It was going well in the beginning, and then wack words started appearing
Style, fashion and beauty → Toe nail paint
yeah, we have in black
Everything else → pretend you are eating cake rn
Spoon, but I don't mind using a small cake fork either
Everything else → THE COMP is RIGGED
Because number-names are inferior

(This is obviously a joke)
Help, tips and tutorials → ❤❤please fix it❤❤
just let us sort our wardrobes ourselves tbh. Some items have been sorted into the wrong category (imo), and I would like to sort my wardrobe myself

I understand that wouldn't work with items that you *need* to wear ofc, but I really want to be able to sort my accessories myself.
Everything else → 13 pinballs saved up!
Buy, sell and trade → deleting all items
Everything else → gosuperbye for now
god deep cleaning is so satisfying
From goSupermodel team → Calling all the fashionistas..
Buy, sell and trade → Please sell me ;__;
I sent you tradeoffer for it in white
Creativity → I'm painting a denim jacket
It's cool. What are you painting on it?