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Kissa tanssi jäällä. Sukat, kengät kainalossa, hieno paita päällä.
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It’s time to choose your team...

You have been chosen on Team Witch! Join the coven, make yourself comfortable and practice the most wonderful spells

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HOW FINNISH ARE YOU!!!!!!! You are a true finn!!!!!! awesome congrats › Take goTest
What pet should you get? You should get a dog. It will be your best friend and keep you company whenever you need it (as long as you share those treats). › Take goTest
What kind of trauma you have? You seem to have traumas with horses, i hope u get over them, they are nice animals <33333 if you really feel like horses are no no, you can try to ride a cow aswell :) › Take goTest
Testing your music taste Your music taste are doing very well♡✧You will continue to evolve into something extraordinary › Take goTest
Who are you from the Barbie movie? You are Stereotypical Barbie! At first you might seem like everyone else - but you are quite unique. You stand up for yourself and the loved ones around you › Take goTest
are you dumb or smart? go back to school, dummie › Take goTest
What kind of cat are you? RED CAT TRAVELER Life is one big adventure! MEOW! You love to hunt everything and play with everything! Your coat is a bit covered in dust from looking for toys under the sofa, and car trips are not terrible for you! › Take goTest
Which sea creature are you?

You are a kraken! Like the sea creatutre, you have a powerful presence and a lot of determination. 

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Back to the 80s - who wrote the song? You must be from the 80s yourself! You’re always ready to sing the chorus of any 80’s song, so get out and take over the karaoke! › Take goTest
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