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Should we be friends? We shouldn't be besties, but I would love to have you as a friend! You're cool › Take goTest
Which food are you? Steak Frites; takes some effort but always delicious! › Take goTest
what is your eye colour brown fr › Take goTest
How cool are you? You are very cool › Take goTest
This or That<3 You have good taste<3 › Take goTest
How passive-agressive are you? Yes deary, you are passive-agressive. You know what? Sometimes you need to, you know › Take goTest
Are you a true TVD fan? Well I must say, you did well. Almost everything correct! Proud of you :D If you haven't watched The Originals and Legacies yet, go watch it! › Take goTest
Where are you from? Denmark - the land with more pigs than people › Take goTest
Are you a cat person or a dog person? Meow! You are a cat person! › Take goTest
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› are u best at living alone or with roomies? find out where u'll find urself the most comfortable!

and have fun

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› This or that? :3 u know the drill

I ask u some questions, and u pick the one u would choose over the
other u know


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