Hellooooo and welcome to my fab profile :3 i hope u feel great while visiting!


Here's a lil about me, my name is Alberte, im 21 years old and i live in the capital of Denmark :D i love it


i used to play gSm when i was just a kid, and i remember learning so much about the internet and friendships and everything in between on there. I wouldn't have been without it! ----------------->

I have a lot of dreams and hopes for the future - both for myself, but also for the world. I hope to spread some positivity on here!


Literally a dream to be back


omg i have written so much already, but what more should i say? :o


Oh yeah, my instagram is:

Alberte_g_n and not as it says in the top lmao whooops

can i add a pic? lmaoooo