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It’s time to choose your team...

You have been chosen on Team Witch! Join the coven, make yourself comfortable and practice the most wonderful spells

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Back to School: What type of student are you? You're a Rebel! You tend to do things your own way and aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. Your choices are often driven by your own beliefs and values, rather than what everyone else is doing. Your creativity and passion are truly admirable! › Take goTest
Finish the vine! Vine legend, internet queen. A star on digital media. You deserve an Oscar. › Take goTest
how well do you know weeb vocabulary? you're a fully-fledged weeb! you know your stuff, you've probably been here for a while too. pls send me a friend request, we'd be cool friends 8) › Take goTest
Are you a pick-me girl? You are just a regular girl, not a pick me girl. You do whatever you want and dont need male validation. You have a strong personality though and people might think you are one, but you just do whatever you feel like doing. Who cares what they think › Take goTest
Christmas Quiz You did sooo good!!! › Take goTest
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