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Everything else → self-dx ppl you're so valid <3
You and your feelings are valid if you self-diagnose, yet publicly self-diagnosing can be incredibly harmful for people with a mental health related diagnosis.

Both of these things can be true at the same time.
Everything else → DRAWING ??
haavsalt wrote:
SAI is really easy to pirate,,, if people want to
I did that for yyeeears, and paint tool sai will always be my one true love. But i've switched to (and pay for ) clip studio art last year Looove it, but it was a lil hard to get used to all the different options, and im still learning new tricks
oh rly

I'm listening
Everything else → DRAWING ??
Art Machine wrote:
I personaly use Kamvas Pro 24 (4K). It's cheaper compared to wacom, still expensive (1200 euros)
and that is cheaper??

damn I had about 200 euros in mind :')
Everything else → DRAWING ??
Thank you all!

still wonder what a good and practical size would be
Everything else → DRAWING ??
Everything else → DRAWING ??
yes hi

I want to buy a drawing tablet or whatever for digital art

any recommendations? and what size is practical?
and what program do I buy or use?

Style, fashion and beauty → Rate the model above 8.0 <3
Caia. wrote:
4, it could be more pretty without the horror behind it
*it's cute BECAUSE of the horror
Style, fashion and beauty → Rate the model above 8.0 <3
7, classy
Style, fashion and beauty → Rate the model above 8.0 <3
love the moth/flame thingy 10/10
Everything else → Celebrity death that has affec
Christina Grimmie was real tragic
Everything else → How much vip days left?
1 - guess I'm on my last day

just realized this will be the FIRST TIME I will become vipless since the start
Everything else → hurricane Katrina?
Tarzan. wrote:
More like hurricane tortilla
the only correct reply
Everything else → Extremely unpopular opinion:
Avarice wrote:
I don’t think American Psycho is all that ??
I don’t get why it’s a cult movie. I’m usually really good at getting the point of a movie, understanding deeper hidden meanings, analogies etc but this movie just left me confused

I know the director has said that he wasn’t imagining things, which makes me even more confused. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE ENDING ABOUT ? I DON’T GET IT

(I know his acting was pretty good, I’m not talking about that btw)
American Psycho is a only cult movie for MGTOW, I said what I said
From goSupermodel team → Get to know Nerys!
Nerys wrote:
crying in Italian
Everything else → @Rikke @Management @Staff
Vardenya wrote:
In honor of Ruiyo (list might not be updated yet, takes time, sryyyy)
Guess what, neither the JDs, Mods, SMA's, Focussers AND Admins are Replaceable <3

You can TO me for this.

Lets go.



Also: Don't Harass anyone outside GSM - DON'T harass anyone! Don't bring someone's children into this! We are better than that!

Lonely Debunking "Latest updates" :

GoMilas Goodbye thread:




JD Debadgeing (smoosh to everyone of you!!!)

What happend (by checkmate)
Possibly the beginning of the end, there are no admins left

-goMila got fired from the gosupermodel team with immediate effect. She had 30 mins to say goodbye before they deleted her model
-Full chaos broke loose on the site because of this - at some point everyone was just writing their own languages again lol.
- As an effect of goMila being fired, SEVERAL people stepped down:

*List by April25th*

* Aperture
* Astor
* Camzilla
* Gomila
* Lonely
* Manuscript
* November
* Saraphina

another staff(?)
* Dey
* Showtime
* Symmetry

Focus group:
* Anax
* Athaliah/Vespucci
* Azrael
* Barbarella
* Beccks
* Everglow
* Fossil
* Frida
* Kiki
* Mikah
* Tezz
* Ivory

Junior designer:
* Formidable
* Friet Met Crisis
* _Melisa
* Mikah
* Muze
* Petrikor
* SvettigKaktus
* theAmanda
* Ignite
* Kino
* Maze
* Nightwing
* Serotonin
* Vardenya
* Becky Lynn

* Alaska
* Aneryn
* AnniSweet
* Birbistheword
* Cat
* Coffee
* Hades
* Lavender
* Libre
* Lillicicci
* MayB
* Medusa
* Myrcella
* Reccaceae
* Ro
* Sabrinxs
* Sincere
* Zafi
* Kimae
* Marble
* Ivory
* Chole!
* Tezz

* Canstamey
* Geke
* IdaMarye
* Kiki
* Linnsikt
* Sincere
* Sugarbow
* Harvey
* Judas

Taking a break
* Air (FG)
* Beccks (FG)
* Chizumi (FG)
* Elf (FG/SMA)
* Punkt (FG)
* Sandxd (FG)
* Soledad (FG)
* Zebrahead (FG)
* Cinnamon (MOD)
* Jigsaw (MOD)
* Kjellfiskesprell (MOD)
* Lush (MOD)
* MissAuris (JD)
* Decimoway (SMA)
* Katarina (SMA)
* Mayu (JD)


-A shitass newspost was posted by «the management team» - which was later «debunked» by Lonely. She made a topic saying she would refute every single thing in the news post, and boom she’s on time out! She did however log onto her alt to say what she wanted to. (That it was all bullshit)
-A yellow note appeared around 19:30, the site was down for a millisecond and it turns out that they deactivated the create model function :))))
Jing-o-Jang's shorter review of what happends

Concerned mod letter:

A mod's letter

Volunteer letter

Full letter:

Volunteer letter


Gsm Management awnser


We just want to check in and say that we appreciate the feedback, concern and ideas in the document shared by some of you yesterday morning. We truly appreciate everything that has been shared with us and we can guarantee that we are already working on a lot of projects that will eliminate some of the issues raised in the document. We are eager to share these with you all as soon as possible. We have already taken the initiative to meet up with all volunteer groups individually, the first one with the moderator team tonight. We will arrange a meeting with this team as well as soon as possible and no later than the beginning of next week.

As it has come to our attention that some volunteers are speaking badly about goSupermodel and Momio ApS on our platform as well as sharing information internally and externally and we want to ensure that every one of you is familiar with the consequences of doing so. We have attached a document that describes those consequences for your convenience and want to let you know that all volunteers who have already engaged in any of these actions will be terminated and removed from the platform with immediate effect. We appreciate your attention to this urgent matter and your continued support.


The Management Team"

In short: we readed the letter, we heard you, we just dont care ♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆


More sources

From: MiesCORE
gSm being financially unstable as of their financial statement in 2022-2021 =).

they removed GoMilas Acess to Gosupermodel beacouse they belive her Being responsebil for this all.

another fallen legend </3
From goSupermodel team → Goodbye!
GoMila wrote:
It takes everything in me not to break down writing this, and I hate the words I am about to say; I am not going to work for Momio ApS anymore, as an Admin for this amazing community.

Never doubt your worth, and keep being the amazing people you have always been. Love you, love this community and I am sad this is how it ends.

goMother out fr

alright folks we're heading towards the end of the line...
Creativity → Portrait Drawings of you!
Love this
Creativity → Portrait Drawings of you!
Arsinoe wrote:
yay can't wait!

(but no pressure, take your time)
Creativity → Portrait Drawings of you!
Arsinoe wrote:

Hi, after drawing a lot of you i finally think i sort of found a style and has practised enough to start selling! It takes me about an hour per portrait, so I will charge accordingly.

If you do choose to share my art, please tag me on instagram and if you want me to tag you, please link your model account:


1 portrait of one model (face and hair): 1200 gm

* I won’t charge you until your drawing is finished
* It may take some time, as it a lot of energy
* Portraits are made on my iPad on sketchbook
* I would recommend your outfit doesn’t have sunglasses or other things that disturb the face for a better result

Waitlist (for me to keep track)
- EmJayne
- 70s
- Tools
- chicida

- Blunkefjes:
- Chaoskind:
- chicida:
- Melly:
- Eliseo93:
- Kim:
- Myrtaceae:
- chicida:
- Orphic:
- probleem:
- Ayana:
- auroraartemis:
- santikko:
- behave:
Hi, love the creativity!

Can you waitlist me?

also is this look ok?
(I would like grey eyes)
Everything else → the goSupermodel Age POLL!!!!
Sylvan wrote:
Idk they do have time for instagram & fb judging by the many parents who post their kids 24/7
maybe that's why, bc you can't post your kids on here