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Which sea creature are you?

You are a kraken! Like the sea creatutre, you have a powerful presence and a lot of determination. 

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Test your knowledge about Disney movies! You are an expert in the Disney movies, and know everything there is to know about it!! Congratulations  › Take goTest
How would you die in Sims 4? Cause of death: Dead of laughter. Look, dude, you need to take a chill-pill. You're all over the place and it's not good for you. You are simply having way too much fun with life. Go watch a sad movie or something. › Take goTest
Is he into you?  Your crush might not be into you at the moment. He sees you more as a friend right now. But girly, there are many other fish in the sea - go catch a better fish! › Take goTest
RARE & WANTED ITEMS - Do you know their names? You must be a true expert ^-^ I bet this took you less than 1 minute to complete ! Believe in yourself more, you don't need some goTest to tell you how knowledgable you are  The universe is with you !  › Take goTest
are u fucking annoying? You are definitely fucking annoying  › Take goTest
Guessing the color of your cat Your cat is.......... multi-colored. It's just a mix of crack, cuddles and hunting. › Take goTest
Would we get along? We'd get along great! Feel free to add me as a friend, and who knows, maybe we'll become best friends! lol › Take goTest
What romcom should you watch? 10 things I hate about you! › Take goTest
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