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Style, fashion and beauty → Style me for 10.000gM!
I’ll try!
Buy, sell and trade → ♦ 70 gm mystery trade ♦
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) your WISHLIST <3
Buy, sell and trade → Checking WL & gifting!
Buy, sell and trade → S: your WL
Buy, sell and trade → LF This hat
I’m looking to buy this hat:

I have no idea what it’s worth, so please tell me what you want for it and don’t make me offer for it.
Style, fashion and beauty → rate the fit
I like the makeup and the colourfulness of the outfit, but maybe all the colour don’t fit together perfectly, 8/10
Buy, sell and trade → (S) Gopack items
I take the shoulder thing and hair, if they are still available.
Competitions and games → 123011GM giveaway

Style, fashion and beauty → Please style me!
Corinthian wrote:
Bump, I can try tomorrow after work if you haven’t found a perfect one by then <3
Awww, thanks!
Style, fashion and beauty → Please style me!
I’ve been having a really hard time trying to put together a perfect outfit, so could someone please style me?

I can pay 2000gM (+fees) for the one suggestion that I like the most. Style could be something romantic and pretty, or then some apocalyptic/scifi like with the facemask and ragged clothes etc.

I’d be happy if you try to include this hair: into the outfit, but it’s not obligatory.

Thank you if you have time to try!
Buy, sell and trade → Selling vip days for 40 gm
Do you still have vip days? I want to buy all the days you have left, if possible.
Style, fashion and beauty → rate the outfit above you
Well put together 10/10!
Buy, sell and trade → selling my wardrobe for sg's!⭐
How much for these:
Style, fashion and beauty → let the queen style you ♡
Me please! And if you can please include this mask I'm wearing.
Buy, sell and trade → 15 gm trades!!!
Send me a trade, please
Style, fashion and beauty → rate the look above
Perfect 10!
Competitions and games → rate model above
Beautiful and very creative, but maybe just a bit too much for me, 9!
From goSupermodel team → Your best Eurovision look
Bad reason, but I just look so good in this outfit! (In my opinion at least.)
Style, fashion and beauty → ✨ rate the outfit above you
I love it! 10!