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Which Female Bridgerton Character Would You Date? You would date Eloise Bridgerton! Kindness and empathy are important qualities to you, and Eloise is the epitome of a supportive partner. You value spending time with family and close friends, just like she does. › Take goTest
which glee character are u ur will schuester! ur a severe war criminal › Take goTest
Which gSm-Function Fits You Best? You are a JD-er! › Take goTest
Are you Swedish? You are most definitely Swedish , no question about it. › Take goTest
Are YOU the toxic friend?! You seem like a normal nice person and good friend. You might have some toxic traits, but most of us do. You value communication and mutual respect, and that goes a long way. › Take goTest
who is your valentines date 2023? Your date is Nichole, a cook and a proper baddie. She creates the best egg benedict and knows everything about natural wines and tantra, however she's looking for an open relationship. Are you in or out? › Take goTest
Which Pitbull song are you? You're Timber <3 › Take goTest
let me guess your zodiac sign! AIR SIGN, we get it u want freedom youre either a libra, gemini or capricorn- or your rising sign is. if you dont know your rising sign, google "rising sign calculator" and put in your birthday,time and place :) lemme know if i got u right :P › Take goTest
Which Powerpuff Girl are you? You're Bubbles! You're probably adorable and the softest of your friend group. You keep everyone laughing and smiling especially when they need it most. But, don't let the sweetheart personality fool anyone because you can absolutely kick *** too! › Take goTest
Test your gender! Ur a boy...! › Take goTest
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