4. January 2023 03:05

hi ,

3 days ago i lost a friend i've had for years over something he said that i still dont believe, also i know he will regret this but it will be too late. i feel dumb that it played out like that but i guess blocking him was for the best. this was a special friend that knew things about me no one knows. / also today i confronted a friend that i felt was fake towards me and it felt good / big shoutout to T for always being there for me and being the realest and only friend. / had a mental breakdown again but i will get through it, i think im extra sensitive rn bc ill get my period soon. / also hmm the only thing that keeps me happy at the moment is greys anatomy. and i just ordered some clothes to feel good. / ok so i just felt like writing this down here and maybe continue to make this a thing.

xx poe

30. December 2022 02:30


just keep getting hurt by the people I love

18. December 2022 00:19

my love

13. December 2022 13:24