gSm Insider W26
1. July 2024 12:30
gSm Insider W26

Hi goSupermodels!


Happy July! The Summer Party Tour has officially started, have you noticed the refreshments, and the Pearl shop, and the new characters? We don’t know about you, but we are so excited about the next seven weeks! So many amazing places to visit with so many amazing items to collect!

Last Week's Happenings
  • We had two shop drops from the Pride Guest Designer collection! You can find the designs from both drops here and here. The outfits were absolutely amazing, another huge congrats and thank you to those who participated!

  • We read your feedback and confusion regarding the hairs in the vintage goPack and provided an explanation and solution here.

  • The new VIP outfit of the month is the runner-up from last month’s voting, the gorgeous regal fit by lisu!

  • We had a Pride Chat topic with admin!

  • We had a shop drop by the amazing haavsalt, ano, LinaSophie, Omashu, Priestley, and Terzo. The last day to get these items will be on the 6th.

What's On This Week?

Summer Party Tour

  • We have officially started, read more about it here. What did you get in your refreshment drink today?

Reminder that you are allowed to collect the refreshment items from your main account + one alt only. You can not collect them from more than two models in total.


  • We will have a new goSuperStrategy newspost this Wednesday.

  • We are still aiming to introduce the first goStars this summer. Stay tuned!



  • You can now customise the banner and the model background! Go to settings, scroll down to where you would normally change your background, and check out the extra options! More will be added soon!
  • From now on, you can hover over an item link to see what item it is!


Focus Group & Social Media Ambassadors

We said goodbye to our amazing volunteers today. Once again, we want to thank them for all their work, their input, their enthusiasm and their talents. goSupermodel would have not been the same without them and their efforts will forever continue to shape gSm. Thank you all so, so much.

With love,



Ps. Did you notice one of our new characters has her birthday today? We should all wish her a  Happy Birthday Sion