gSm Insider W8
24. February 2023 14:00

We are ready for the weekend after a fun week on goSupermodel! Here is this week's recap. We hope you had a nice week and we wish you a lovely weekend! 


Lots of love,


The goSupermodel Team 


A message to everyone who applied to be a gSm influencer:

Thank you to all of you who reached out to us to become a gSm influencer, you've showed great support and love for goSupermodel.
We are working through the pile of submissions and hopefully everyone should have received an answer by next week. 

If you haven't heard from us by then, or if you want to work with us, the contact mail is from now on:


Dont forget to look for the hidden goCodes

So, what happened this week? 
Buckle your seatbelt and join the ride!

Someone asked us to share the 2023 roadmap, and we understand that it's nice to have a map to follow the ride.  We are so excited, and we hope you will stay for the ride! 

Please keep in mind that some things on the roadmap might change.

There will be a special roadmap2023 goCode active from 20:00 CET to 23:00 CET



And last but not least, a new Backstage Rush sneak peek...